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Join in the murder and mayhem over the course of a three-day whodunit. Ths interactive theatre experience will bring you to a place where cold-blooded murder meets comedy and will leave you dying with laughter.

Join us for A titillating weekend of dinner, dancing, death, and deceit at the Inn at Middleton Place. Check-in Friday afternoon for this “Limited Engagement.”  prepare to be wined, dined, and entertained with live music, Professional actors, Southern CUISINE, and of course, our themed costume party!  Make your reservations now for this match made in heaven, or forever rest in peace.

        When millionaire Bob Middleton passes away unexpectedly, the will reveals that his heirs will be cut off from the family fortune unless they finally tie the knot and settle down.  His widow, Bobbi, is convinced her precious twins will be unable to complete this task in the allotted amount of time, so she enlists the help of the popular television game show “Get Hitched!”  Three potential spouses are selected for each twin,  and they are put through a series of hysterically funny and sometimes deadly challenges.  Will there be death knells or wedding bells?

Be enveloped by Live oaks-ladened in spanish moss-and sweeping views of the amber marshes of the Ashley River, all while staying at the beautiful inn at middleton place, a perfect place to escape for a weekend away from reality.


Whats included:

  • 3-day and 2-night stay at The Inn at Middleton place, charleston, south carolina

  • 6 gourmet meals and wine served with dinner

  • 2 cocktail parties ($ bar options)

  • live band and dancing on saturday evening in the new pavilion 

  • complimentary Admission to Middleton Place and a House Museum tour




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